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Fudly - Revolutionizing Restaurant Order Management through QR Code

In the age of digital transformation, the food service industry has been quick to adopt innovative solutions to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations. One such solution is the restaurant table application "Fudly.in," which revolutionizes the food ordering process by seamlessly integrating technology into the dining experience. Fudly.in offers a user-friendly application that allows customers to scan QR codes on restaurant tables to place orders quickly and conveniently, while also providing restaurant managers with a comprehensive platform to manage orders, track sales, and handle payments efficiently.

Fudly.in is a leading restaurant order management application that caters to a diverse range of eateries, from small cafes to upscale dining establishments. The application aims to simplify the food ordering process for customers while providing restaurant managers with valuable insights and tools to enhance their operational efficiency.

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Traditional methods of taking orders in restaurants often involve manual note-taking, which can lead to errors, delays, and an overall inefficient process. Additionally, tracking sales, managing orders, and handling payments can be time-consuming and cumbersome for restaurant managers. The need for a streamlined, digital solution that bridges the gap between customers and restaurant staff prompted the development of Fudly.in.

Our solution

Fudly.in offers a two-part solution to address the challenges faced by both customers and restaurant managers:

  1. User App:
    • Customers can easily access Fudly.in through their web browser on their smartphones.
    • When seated at a restaurant, customers can scan the QR code placed on their table using the app.
    • The app instantly displays the menu, allowing customers to browse and select their desired dishes.
    • Customers can customize their orders, specify preferences, and even make special requests through the app.
    • Once the order is confirmed, it is instantly transmitted to the kitchen, minimizing wait times and ensuring accuracy.
  2. Restaurant Management Portal:
    • Restaurant managers have access to a dedicated portal on the Fudly.in platform.
    • The portal provides real-time visibility into incoming orders, allowing managers to prioritize and allocate resources effectively.
    • Managers can update the status of orders (e.g., received, in preparation, ready for serving) to keep both the kitchen staff and customers informed.
    • The portal enables easy order tracking, helping managers monitor order completion times and identify bottlenecks in the kitchen.
    • Payments can be managed directly through the portal, reducing the need for separate payment processing systems.
    • The system automatically generates reports on daily, weekly, and monthly sales, making it easier for managers to analyze trends and make informed decisions.
    • The portal also calculates and displays the GST tax amount, simplifying tax compliance for the restaurant.


Fudly.in brings numerous benefits to both customers and restaurant managers:

  1. Customers:
    • Quick and convenient ordering process.
    • Customization options for dishes.
    • Reduced wait times.
    • User-friendly interface.
  2. Restaurant Managers:
    • Streamlined order management.
    • Real-time order tracking and status updates.
    • Efficient resource allocation.
    • Simplified payment handling.
    • Comprehensive sales reports and tax calculations.


Fudly.in's restaurant order management application has successfully bridged the gap between customer expectations and restaurant operations. By providing an easy-to-use platform for customers to place orders and a comprehensive management portal for restaurant managers, Fudly.in has streamlined the food ordering process, reduced errors, and improved overall operational efficiency. With its ability to track sales, manage orders, and handle payments seamlessly, Fudly.in has become an indispensable tool for modernizing restaurant operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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